Reliability and confidence in a promotion could be well presented if quality of the product and our services could be synergized and well maintained. City Products generally does not use outsourcing for its products nor its employees. All the staff are supporting the services towards our customer while ensuring the maximum quality and shipment.

     City products have received certification from Center of Chemical and Packaging (CCP) in Indonesia, Hygiene certificate for food and beverages (Food Grade), and ink certificate that is suitable for food and beverages packaging.

     Our services includes :
  • Bento Box (lunch box)
  • City Cup (Paper cup)
  • Cake cases
  • Plastic bag
  • Recycled plastic

     Advantages for our clients are :

  • On Time delivery.
  • High technology and safe machinery in our production .
  • Very innovative design motives.
  • Has been fully certified.
  • In-house management, sales, administration, graphic design and mechanics.
  • Customer service (6 days x 8 hours) per week : Monday – Saturday.
  • Computerized.
  • Best price that we could give to our clients.
  • Excellent integrated system.