As a manufacture of paper packaging " City Products " produces paper cup and take away box with a high standard. We provide solutions to the provision of personal requests (specifically) on paper cups or boxes through our services.

     Our products come in various measurements in accordance with the needs of your company, from the volume of the glass, materials, to the personal designs of your preference. In the time it will be agreed upon, you accept our glasses and packaging for your business needs. "Our focus is your need" that is the commitment of City Products, therefore it is no wonder that we are the ideal partner for your company.

     Your advantage as our customers:

     City Products website will give an explanation of the quality and creativity of the products we have. Next, you can also see that we had a few glasses of production individually and in masse. These products are used as cold and hot cups, and places to eat.

     City Products Company consists of people who are motivated and highly creative that is able to provide solutions to the problems you face. We are ready to serve you.

     For more information, don't hesitate to contact us either by email or telephone within the existing listed on the CONTACT US.